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BIO: Hi, my name is Kirill. I am playing Quake Champions for Dragonborn esport team.


Hi Kirill, how are you doing? Thank you for accepting my invitation to The QUAKE PUB! You recently joined Dragonborn Esports to play side-by-side with dramiS - does this help with your preparations? 


Hello! Not actually, because my teammate is located in NA, so we have a different timezone. Usually this is not comfortable to schedule games. 


Dragonborn are kicking it with support towards the community and after the first online event, they are about to make the World Cup with prize money over $1000 in December.

Do you like how the community filled in that gap while we are waiting for Quake Pro League? 


Yes, I am proud of it.

Our manager Jakob is a very responsible person. He is attentive not only to DBE players, but also to the community as a whole. He is getting popular=) 


And I bet he became famous and rich! :-) 

Are there some changes in Quake Pro League you would like to see in Season 3? Do you think that this gap between Seasons should be regular or is there space to have both community and QPL events running side-by-side (Talking about PRO Level Tier tournaments) 


There will be changes in Season 3, I think it is enough that I would like to see.

After 2 long years of pro league games, I think this gap is a good opportunity for players as well as for viewers to take a break. 


IRONFIST is a few weeks ahead of us, and it will be the first LAN after quite a long time. What are your expectations regarding this event? 


I am looking forward to playing on LAN and meeting other players.

I hope we will have a good time there. 


Are you ready to keep that upward spiral you are now following? 5th place at DBT Invitational and a bit later 4th place at Quake Community Tournament PRO.

Are you feeling good about your game for now, or are you still working on some minor issues you feel in your performance? 


Of course every player wants to progress in their own performance.

I am also trying to improve my game and to get better places in every tournament. 


Quite a lot of players are arriving early to London to practise a bit, do you have the same plan, or you are by chance joining that “Polish Bootcamp”?


I am very glad for the guys on Polish Bootcamp, I am sure they do like this kind of preparation.

I prefer to do it at home and I will arrive the day before the tournament starts. 


You are still moving on that edge of the Quake Pro League, fighting some relegation matches and then pulling some insane games.

Is it by design? Do you need that adrenaline to kick in, or you don't have such time to secure a more safe position among TOP players?


Ha-ha.. My relegation matches were really entertaining and I am happy that I could win all of them. (except 1 in Katowice) Maybe that is my style. But in the last stage I could reach 7th place. This is the result for me :-)

Hope to continue to grow next season. I wish all players good luck in London and also in a Pro League.


Thank you for your time and good luck in London


Thanks for the interview!


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