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Friday, 10AM GMT @ Red Bull Gaming Sphere

All players are ready at the venue and preparations before broadcast is fully underway. Outlets for CIS stream are created and everybody is setting up streams, as it was tested on Thursday.

The ultimate setup, where you will be able to see exactly, how players set up theirs game. Stream is running and we are waiting to GO, Ryan, GO that would start the show. 

IT Vengeur and PL wolfpl are ready at theirs stations in studio and everybody feels exitement of official start of IRONFIST for you at home.


Even tho everything was tested several times, it showed up on stream, that settings bukster and Effortless provided prior to the event, would not work for every player, because Marco loves his game to be #FuckingLoud.


As US Slasher (world's #1 certified esports consultant and insider)
dug himself out of his grave to share his wisdom on a stream,
production is trying to fix things as we go thru first match.

Fans are demanding spectator mode to be activated
and that very option is worked on
as wave of complains flood the stream.

Two extra computers are added to each players station
to allow direct control over setting for each player.


Production decided to give one more try to show players setup on stream with  AR maxter and UK GaRpY, but it showed up, that maxter dont want to hear any game sounds at all, as it is breaking his concentration.

Moving on from game 3 with PL Av3k and LV bukster, you are able to follow games with spectator mode, you dont need to break your chips and pancakes break with annoying timing of major items, and sound levels are exactly the way, they should be for your viewing comfort.


At this point, there is another big
to the production to be able on the fly work everthing out, as every single decision was made and coordinated with 4 persons involved just on stage.


Calamity is over, fans on stream seems to be happy, production returned to theirs boring push the button scheme, shouting on players that lobby is ready to go, letting everybody on comms know, that the show will go on as RU baSe and UK HELL are ready to play.



I sat down back to US Anna Maree, to our improvised media / front production corner. Anna is taking shitload of pictures for you and you can check her Twitter for some amazing photos. She is also making sure Effortless and rapha have helping hand in anything needed at the Venue. 

At that very same momet, US Sib is worked on by PL wolfpl, that is trying to boost his morale before match against HU RAISY and even you on the stream had seen, that sometimes mind is playing awefull games with us.


Every player put so much to get to London, that it is sometims hard to judge approach of every one involved, but given the situation, you should always try to enjoy yourself and leave maximum you could on everything you are doing.

It was GG.



For all of you asking, seedings was made from results of QuakeCon, so there is no shadow consipracy in Team Kill, that happened in round 1 between EE cnz and US dramiS.

For us at the Venue, that was one of the most emotional and close game we were following and it was for the first time, that we shout and scream and we all slowly get into proper mood of the event.

Somewhere at this point Loosers brackets started to be payed on B Stream and those games were arranged from stations, where players were sitting during practise. This setup is for some players somehow better. You "hide" yourself in your own world and you perform much better than on stage - no matter how big the stage is.

US Rapha and US Effortless were main stars of next game to be played on stage as nosfa infiltrated studio to help Harry with shoutcast and first interviews with Ryan were conduted at a front desk.

Matches of Loosers brackets were stopped for a moment, as nobody wanted looser of last match to jump right for next game and last match of winners brackets was under preparation.


Amazing game of AU ZenAku and BR nosfa ended up 2:0 for Australian player, but I somehow felt, that Fillipe deserved that 3rd map to be played.

It was it was a dignified end to Winners Brackets Round of 16. GGs!

Main stream was over, but dramiS, sib, Effortless and nosfa had to return to theirs PCs to finish theirs game in Loosers Brackets.

Game of first named was amazing display of skill for both pushing Kyle to next round.

As cameras in studio were shut down, rest of players created traditional walls of bodies around each player and followed the happenings in the Arena from 1m distance.

Thats why you love LANs.

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