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VengeuR vs maxter

Saturday, 10AM GMT @ Red Bull Gaming Sphere

Call it tradition, and where else you would like to follow things that were here for centuries, than in England.

IT VengeruR is ready on a stage, and his opponent will be AR maxter. After our discussion outside of a venue with PL wolfpl, we kind of knew, that Max is about to move outside of Argentina, and his performance stunned everybody.

After real close game at Deep Embrace Vengeur was able to push maxter to the limits and hold him on shot leash for over 4 minutes at Ruins of Sarnath. Eventually Maximiliano broke his chains and completed first upset of a day - in first match. Maxter got taste for winning, and catched that hype wave becoming Mr.Sunshine of Venue.

baSeAfter first match, we kind of expected to chill down a bit ... but boy, how wrong we were. RU BaSe and PL Av3k prepared theirs tools of destruction at stage and games started, while rest of crew were still trying to brethe out previous match. Things started in favour and in rythm of our breathing - bois gave us full 2 minutes, thanks!

Av3kAv3k took quite a decisive lead, but baSe worked real hard to corner his opponent and 90 seconds to go, he was leading 6:3 ... watch rest on stream, we are served by medics and their lovely resuscitation kits.

If this happened once, we would be kind of okay - but as they said, if it no broken, dont repair it. BaSe leading by 3 frags for 7 whole minutes, than Av3k unleased hell, tied the game 90 seconds to go and showed power of End Point`s bootcamp to all viewers. 

Premiere of UK HELL as a caster was scheduled to game HU RAISY vs EE cnz. After two crazy matches, the level of competition was set real high at IRONFIST.

I kind of believe that calm shoutcast of Aaron and Harry was something that crowd and fans at stream really needed. Even tho cnz showed great game and performance, RAISY managed to push his lead and skills in right direction and took Molten Falls to unleash mayham with Clutch at Vale securing his spot in Winners Brackets Semifinals.

Last match of Quarterfinals was played by US rapha and AU ZenAku. Australian player performed real good in DAY 1 and we were expecting what he can do againt QUAD Father.

It took some time at Vale before game opened with frags, but overall surgical approach of Shane lead to quite decisive control over whole map, and for most of the map, we could enjoy peace and beauty of Quake in defensive fashion.

David then decided to change phase of a game and with few risky moves tied the game that lead us to overtime. Where series of mised shoots ment unlucky loosing - and not for a last time.

ZenAku started to build picture of him being Adrenaline Junkie at this very same place. Sarnath started well for ZenAku but then Shane unleashed hell and took lead that ment his 2:0 victory.

Starting with semifinals Bo5 was introduced to the Brackets as well as Live Picks and Bans. Which added extra layer to already hyped event and even more work to production.

More and more often groups of players were created sitting around players in Loosers Brackets following theirs fight for survival in IRONFIST. AR Maxter and PL Av3k meanwhile prepared themselves on stage as UK HELL returned to casting joined by UK ZSX this time.


In Loosers Brackets US dramiS completed the upset for IT VengeuR and after 2:0 victory ended Marco`s journey thru tournament.

Meanwihle ZenAku faced another adrenaline rush in game against LV bukter, that lead to several overtimes and in case of Exile ended by ZenAku offered his soul to US SyncError.

Another great games was played between UK GaRpY and EE cnz, that put Estonian and Australian playes as a pair for Loosers Brackets Round 4 and lead to another hearthbreaking DUEL that was performed back on stage. For viewing pleasure of all of us here in London, as well as all fans watching the stream.

David managed to get thru and he made it to Championship Sunday to face AR maxter.


RU BaSe that made it thru Loosers Bracket by knocking out BR nosfa.

Later he defeated US dramiS enjoyed his moment both on stage, as well as while being interviews by Ryan.

BaSe felt overall pleased to be here, and he was in real good mood during the day.

BTW Stream was running 1080p at 60fps, which is superb for your viewing experience and it seems to me that production had to work over night, as we were sleeping out tough day at a Venue.

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