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BIO: Willkommen in der German Quake Community! Wir bieten eine Anlaufstelle für alle Quaker und Quakerinnen aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum, egal ob Veteran/in oder Neueinsteiger/in. Auf unserem Twitch-Kanal finden regelmäßig Cups statt, auch werden (Einsteiger)-Training Sessions angeboten, sich unterhalten und zum Fraggen verabredet.

Welcome to the German Quake Community! We offer a base for all Quakers and Quakers from the German-speaking countries, including Veteran / or Newbies/.

On our Twitch Channel you can find regular Cups, training sessions


Hello Lomogs, thank you for accepting my invitation to The QUAKE PUB. You are just finishing Season V of GerQC Duel. You call it Bigger, Longer, Harder - What actually can members of Quake Family understand under that title? What were the main changes with this season? 


Why Bigger? we have more players then ever before!

Why Longer? The Season IV was the shortest we've ever done.
From 10 weeks down to 8 weeks. it was intense and in my personal opinion a good Duration for this Event,
but for some competitors the 8 weeks was too short, and they did not compete because of it.
So why not Changing it in to the longest we ever have done?! :D

Why Harder? this year we introduced the Elite League because we had players like RU Klyb & RU St0ne who asked every year for competitive play, but they were too good for League 1. (up to 2050 Elo)


How big is a crew that is preparing the whole League?


We are 3-5 Person - yeah we do it like the 3. Time in this composition
we're like a well oiled machine :D

Cheers to DE MaDFoX26 which puts a lot of his time into GerQC Duel Seasons!
Also, a shout out to DE RicoTheSecond which is like Chameleon, none visibel but always present and working!


You opened GerQC to international players, so basically everybody can play. How has this improved and changed your league?


We started over in the 3rd Season to open us up.

Biggest reason was the interesst from non-German speaking players and the GerQC discord was more and more silent.

It was a win win to get again more hyped players in the league and evan the known People of the GerQC start again to play QC and compete!


There are over 70 players in GerQC. How tough is it to coordinate all 5 leagues you are having?


DE Tensolin, DE G4mb4 and the other first ones did an amazing job with building the easy handy rules.

The Players just use 3-5 Discord Channel to coordinate them self:

#cup-info: Orgas writes stuff for all the players to follow or ignore :P
#cup-signup: players sign up the self before start of the league
#playerlobby: players can ask for games in there suiting timeframes
#ergebnisse-results: Results are posted here by the winner, we're moving them to the tournament page

In case of problem or question the player can contact us directly, which is quite a task because of the different mentalities and motivations of the players


When I compare GerQC to the Polish Quake League, you basically leave free options to players, when they are about to play their games.

This kind of leads to: “I'm going to play tonight, can anybody stream my game?”

While in PQL most of the games are scheduled and broadcasted in one block.
Did you think that with next leagues, you might coordinate playdays - at least for ELITE-League … and maybe 1.League?


This is one of our main purposes for our league, because it has two benefits:

* Any player who wants to try out streaming and commentating is welcome to do so, they'll get a lot of value from it.

* Player are free to schedule their games when Family and Social life allows to play

Last 2 Season's we had some fix streaming days like 2 per Week the player could take those spots to showcase their matches.

I have to say we don't differate Elite League from League 1 or 4. Everybody has the same Spotlight time.

This season we had a little lack of orga time, that's why we were not able to do it gain. But it is something we would really like to have back for the next season!


So basically everbody, who is interested to practise theirs casting and streaming can arrive to discord, let you or bois know, that they are interest to do so, and just pick up games, they want to follow on stream?


Yeah every body who's interessted, gets the Streamer role in our discord.

The players will use the @streamer Role to ping all streamers for casting.


This weekend, you have Grand finals and 3rd place games to be played on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Whole show will be broadcasted by ShaftasticTV and German shoutcast. How many Streamers are engaged in the whole league?


Thanks for this Question! i really like to say thank you to our Streamers of this ~13 Weeks:
* Thyr (Twitch)
* Tensolin
* MaDFoX26
* RobKorV
* Lycorvinus
* Jones88
* Wallabiee (Twitch)
* artezN (Twitch)
* derhans (Twitch)
* Prooneprune
* charlatan
* enemy scores (Twitch)
* the streamer i have missed(sorry)!

NOTE: And links to Twitter that I have missed/not found (Find QUAKE.PUB at Twitter bois <3)


Are there any surprises regarding players performances, do you see any potential new talents in lineups of all leagues?


Hmm hard question i can't bring out a Name.

Nevertheless, if you sign up for the GerQC Season, you're going to play the game.
You're going to do practice matches with other players of the season.

In my opinion, all players go out stronger as the have started 14 weeks ago :)


Any Ideas or goals, where GerQC can evolve with next seasons?


Goals are too early to specify. We will ask in Discord for feedback from the players and also discuss it with them 3-4 weeks after the season.

But i think more streaming on our Twitch channel:
is one of our goals!


Thank you for your time and have fun on this weekend.


Thank you for your Interest and great questions.

I wish you good aim, tilt resistance, a lot of Quake and happy holidays!

Cheer Lomogs



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