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GerQC - St0n3 Interview
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Доброго дня, меня зовут Пётр Стоун/St0n3 и я играю в видеоигры в свободное от иных занятий время.

Good afternoon, my name is Peter Stone / St0n3 and I play video games in my spare time.


Привет, Петр, как дела? - Hi Petr, how are you doing?

Welcome to The QUAKE PUB, where vodka never freezes and all Champions meet in between deadly challenges in The Arenas. You recently became champion of the Elite Division of GerQC League. Are you happy with the results?


Hey! All good, and thanks for the invitation! It is a great honor to be here.

About GerQC I`am very happy with my result because it was my first tournament in this format and I want more :D


I heard you were asking GerQC to open up for players outside the region, and you - for good of a thing - succeeded. How do you like GerQC organization and tournament format?

Do you think that we could one day see more high tier players in leagues organized by community?


The organization was on top level.

The league admins treated everyone with understanding and helped to figure everything out. I really liked the league format, as there will be no randomness like in the double elimination system, where you can lose to 1st and 2nd places and be eliminated from the tournament where you could easily take 3rd place)

I think if the organizers have a personal conversation with different pro players some could definitely take part in the tournament.


From what I found, one of the first big LANs for you was the 2007 ASUS Spring Quake 3 Tournament.

Can you tell me a bit about your history in Quake and how Quake tournaments changed throughout the years? What formed you as a player?


My first LAN tournaments started in 2000 and my first game was Quake 3 Arena.

My story began when I wanted to beat my older brother who already had experience in the game. He and his friends played in the computer club.

One day my brother brought the quake CD home and I started playing with bots. A week later, I could beat my brother on all maps)

After that, I found out where the top Quakers of the city hang out. Getting my ass kicked, I again set out to return and take revenge.

After a couple of weeks I won the city LAN tournament and after that I went up the competitive ladder)


You are considered one of top tier Russian players, whether I look at your results in Estoty Duel League - where you are currently in first place with 42 points with 8 points advantage to RU PASITA - or dominating GerQC League and several titles in Estoty Quake Champions Cups.

What are the steps you need to take to advance to the Quake Pro League?


In fact, I think that all the steps have already been taken, but due to my location, I have very big problems with my Internet.

For example, quite recently, finally repaired the EU east server where in the evening my ping jumped to 100 and I want to notice they fixed it for more than a month.


The Russian Quake was always a strong part of the community and I was wondering, where should members of the Quake Family go to see what is going on regarding the Russian community? There used to be back in my days as a source of information. Are there similar websites active in current day and age or you are basically stuck to Twitter, Facebook and VK?


In fact, a very sad story with Cyberfight :(

The only news portals I use are, Twitter and


Do you see in your community any new and young players that are able to continue that legacy Polosatiy, LeXeR, cooller and EVIL started? (Out of many great names I picked ones I followed in the past and were Hawr1x`s heroes


There are actually three young and promising Quakers.

RU Pasita, RU Danchez and RU Cherra

I think if they set themselves the goal of winning, then they will succeed. Unfortunately for us, two of them are now serving in the army, but will be back soon :D


You play mostly DUEL, and I was wondering if there is any team mode you would like to see to be supported in Quake Champions Tournaments?


In my opinion, if the developers focused on TDM modes, then the game would be more popular. Playing with friends is always fun. As for me, I really like sucrifice and CTF modes.


Talking about Team Modes, Russia completely dominated HoQ Nations Cup Fall Season 2021 and both Russian teams will face each other in Finals.

Where do you think that potencial was built in the Russian community?


I definitely cannot answer this question.

I can only assume that the fault is HoQ and DethmatchTV lans )))))


Do you think there are some ways to make members of Quake Family care a bit more about their game and elevate the level of engagement for both players and fans? Is there anything you are missing right now in the Community, or you simply just care about your game and results?


For about a couple of months on my stream channel, I played games with viewers and answered questions that arose after.

The followers and participants were satisfied and I decided to do something like a quake school. Where I will help the guys to improve their game.

And I think such actions can help our community.


What is next for you in Quake? Any special goals you set for yourself in 2022?


Because of the situation in the world, I dont want to set any goals yet) but as long as I have the strength to fight, I won't give up so easily :D


Thank you for your time, good luck and have fun in DBE World Cup!


Thank you very much! You the best!


Ask my wife about that .... :-D I just try to do what I love to do, thank for appreciation <3

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