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Quake World Championship 2022 - yup interview
     AR  Pablo "Yup" Velazquez  
  Twitter, Twitch, Instagram  
  BIO: Heyo! I’m Pablo just a competitive FPS player living in Buenos Aires. Currently tryharding in quake and studying computer engineering, I speak ESP/ENG/BRPT.  

Hello Pablo, it's great to have another Argentinian player in the Quake Pro League. Congratulations on qualifying for the Quake World Championship. Is this what you would call the best achievement in gaming for you?


First of all, thank you for this opportunity and yes totally, this is the best achievement for me so far, it was one of my goals when I started playing Quake Champions.


I found recorded history of your games since 2021, but I guess that is not when it started. How did you get to Quake and what was your journey in the community? What was your first Quake you played?


My first experience with quake was CPMA just the mod I never really played any of the quakes before, I was doing it just for fun then I play a bit of QL mostly clan arena but yeah I started playing quake champions about 1 year and half ago, I remember watching US rapha's stream and discovering that the game had a pro competitive league so I told me that I can try to get there and here we are now. 


AR Maxter managed to hold himself in the Quake Pro League and improved over time. He recently moved to the EU, to continue his dream.

Do you see him as a role model for the South American community and for yourself?

Do you chase a career in esports?


Yeah maxter is a role model for everyone in the quake community in my opinion. He always helped me when I started this journey, so I'm really happy that he is doing great in the league.

For the other part right now I'm trying to keep competing and studying I'm open for career in esports as well. 


You are pretty well established in Quake and Diabotical, can you describe differences between both titles - approach to community, tournaments organization, core factors in games and biggest differences? Is it possible to be top level in both?


Well, the differences are obvious between QC and DBT, QC in my opinion is more dynamic and way faster in duels and the problem with DBT also is that you can't really play with high ping so I just play the NA tournaments for fun, but I think you can be a top player in both games with enough practice.


The South American community is pretty strong, with increased numbers of events during the last few months and years.

Are there some directions, where you can see some moving forward for SA players? With QPL Qualifiers we clearly saw a great number of players attending from your region, are there any other players that are “Pro League Material” in your eyes? 


We have a lot of new people in SA trying the game so with practice and dedication I can see a lot of them with potential to make it into the QPL
AR Nerobx for example, or veterans like CL supremeGTI, AR korssa1r, etc.

I feel like more tournaments with prize pools and orgs getting interested in the region will help even more, we already have Quakeros SA running basically all the tournaments with a lot of dedication here, but the more people watching/playing/helping quake the better!


In a few days, Quake World Championship starts in RO Bucharest, your first opponent will be LV bukster - what are your feelings about this draw and what would be “acceptable” result from your point of view.


I'm feeling pretty confident, bukster is a really great player with strong mechanics, surely it will be a good show.

My goal for Bucharest is to make it in the top 16 and beyond. :D 


How long is it from your last LAN Event and how different will this environment be for you? 


To be fair, this will be my first real LAN event and for sure it will be something really crazy, meeting everyone, competing with the best players in the world is something amazing.


How does your preparations look before the event and when you are moving to location?


I try to get as much practice as possible, reviewing my games, waking up early and getting ready for the event, the 15th of august I will be flying to Bucharest.


Thank you for your time, all the best in QWC 2022 and see you at Pave1337`o Party … :-)


Thanks, cya!


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