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Quake World Championship 2022 - RMV interview
    UK Reece "RMV" Vince  
  Twitter, Twitch  
  Clique Esports
  BIO: Passionate Quake Champions player. Always trying to improve.  

Hi Reese, congratulations on making it to the Quake World Championship and thank you for accepting an invitation to The Quake Pub.

How are you doing?


Hi, great to be here, thank you so much for the invite, i am doing quite well although im stressed out as im trying to be as prepared as possible for quakecon but also very excited to experience it.


Can you please introduce yourself to fellow Quakers a bit?


Yea of course, my name is Reece, also know as RMV and i am a semi profesional quake player for Clique Esports and i have been competeing in quake champions for about a year and a half now.

I quite often stream on where you can catch all my games live :D


When somebody looks at your Liquipedia profile, there are just Quake Champions results, but I do remember you from the Quake Live era as well.

Was Quake Live your first Quake title and how did you get into gaming?


My first quake game was actually quake 3, and it was also the way i got into gaming. basically i would just play with my dad and his friends from time to time when i was around 3 or 4.

I dont remember much of it but they do so i must have left an impression.

As for my liqupedia, the reason there are only quake champions results is because when i was playing quake live and 3, i was still unsure if i wanted to take it seriously and it took me quite a while to decide to switch over to qc and actually commit to trying to improve. 


You are quite young given the Quake Pro League age average, how does it feel, to join this seemingly narrow and close group of selected few that dominates the game? 

Any player you are really hyped to meet in person?


Right now it feels quite sureal that i am actually going to the quake world championships to meet all these people that i have been watching for the past few years, but i am truly excited to finally experience a quake LAN.

I'm quite excited to meet everyone tbh and just to get to know people outside of the game but if i had to pick one it would most likely be vengeur as he is the person i seem to get along with the best 


I saw your practices against IT Vengeur and US rapha; How supportive are you future opponents regarding practice games, do you have time to discuss some situations with them after the games? 


Obiously a lot of the people in the qpl have a very busy schedule but most of the time the players are more than happy to discuss things about the games we have played and to help new comers improve, usually it is offstream but it still happens :D


Prior to this interview, we were chatting about our daily schedule. It was at about 2:30 CET, which is 3:30 EEST - basically the best time to play and chill, as everybody in the house is sleeping. Do you adjust your schedule before the upcoming event, or do you plan to just use infinite energy of 20yo?


I am trying to adjust my schedule to playing more in the day and trying to wake up as early as possible, but it isnt going great, which means we are probably leaning towards the infite energy technique :D 


The Quake World Championship might be a life changing experience, and a big push in an esports career. Do you chase this dream or do you rather pick some “more traditional job” - start a family, have 3 kids and take them once a year to Scarborough to watch Punch and Judy and ride donkeys? :-)


If this does become a life changing experience for me and i manage to perform above expectations then i would 100% be willing to persue a career in esports as a traditional job has never really suited my life style. 


UK is a traditionally strong region regarding AFPS with teams such as Dignitas, Fnatic, End Point and obviously yours truly Clique Esports

It used to have real big LAN events (Insomnia) that used to be place to go for Quake players in age of Quake 3 Arena, now with another Ironfist by Myztro Gaming ahead of us do you think there is chance to make more LAN events in the UK connected to Quake?


I believe that it is possible to have more LAN events happening not just in the UK but around the world, it just requires more people being willing to commit to that kind of thing.

Personally I wouldnt even need a prize pool to be involved i would happily go to a LAN event just for the experience. 


What are your goals in the Quake World Championship?


Well obiously winning would be ace, but lets face it that is highly unlikely :D

So my personal goal is to make it to day 2, if i could do that i would be more than proud of my performance. 


Thank you for your time, good luck at the event and see you soon!


Thanks for having me, i appreciate it and i look forward to meeting you!


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