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Quake World Championship 2022 - bukter interview
    LV Pavels "bukster" Bartkevics  

Hi Pavels, welcome back to The Quake Pub and congratulations on making it to the Quake World Championship.

How is life when you are going to Romania? 


Hello and thank you. Right now not much is happening in life.

Just practicing and focusing on Quake World Championship.


We did our last Interview before Ironfist, that was the first LAN after a long time, now with the Quake World Championship - you return to LAN environment - will that last experience help a bit? 


I think the experience I got at Ironfist should help me at Quake World Championship, but if we are talking about gameplay/LAN experience i don't think so, since Ironfist wasn't a proper LAN and it was 8 month ago and the game changed a lot since then.


In London, you ended up in “Top 9”, which seems okay given the competition there.

Was that a sufficient result for you? How did you enjoyed competing on “LAN”? 


If I remember correctly my goal was to get to top 8 and I was kinda dissapointed with my results.

Could've played better I think and yes i did enjoy competing at Ironfist "Lan".

It was nice to meet every player and play against them.


Fast forward to Quake Challengers - you basically won two of them to get to Romania. Respect!

That's again another great result - are you onto something right now? 


Technically I won only one Challenger event and I don't think it was a great result, because due to unforseen situation in the world a large portion of Quake Champions players were not allowed to compete.

If they were playing I am pretty sure the end results would've been different.


Considering your late performance, what are your goals going to the Quake World Championship? 


With the amount of practice I put in this time, my goal is to perform at my best capabilites and show very good Quake Champions gameplay.


You are one of few unsigned players, are you looking for some team to represent in the future, or are you happy with the situation as it is? 


Unfortuantely in Quake Champions right now it's very hard to get a long time sponsor and not many Esports teams are willing to invest.

So no, i am not happy, hopefully this situation will change in a future.


Thank you for your time, good luck in Bucharest and see you soon!


Thank you again for inviting me to do this interview.CU ON LAN.


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