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Quake World Championship 2022 - sib interview
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  Kinesis Gaming

Hello SIB, welcome back to The Quake Pub, how is life nowadays? Everything cool? 


Hey Hawr1x! It's good to be back but...where the hell is my beer?!

We're always cool my friend 8)


Last time we met in London for Ironfist LAN, it was hell of a ride - for you with a bit of disappointment with your keyboard - are you taking more of them this time? 


I'm just taking a brand new keyboard this time! There shouldn't be any issues! 


You ended up on “TOP 13” at that event, but from what I understand from your after stream you enjoyed it - how hyped are you about the Quake World Championship and trip to Romania? 


Yeah I had a great time at Iron Fist in London! Regardless of having issues. I don't let that stop me from having a good time with everyone!

I'm very excited for the World Championship! It'll be great to be in Bucharest!

I look forward to hanging out with the players and PGL crew! 


You recently signed a partnership with Kinesis Gaming - I believe that most players are not aware of the brand - can you tell me a bit about them and why you chose their products? 


Yes I'm signed with Kinesis! They are a growing company which makes ergonomic products! Primarily keyboards!

I'm really honored to be working with them in partnership. I've been using their keybaords for 4 years!

I definitely recommend their products! It's helped me get my gameplay to the next level, as well as more comfort in the Arena! Thank you Kinesis! 


I see you going through loads of practice, especially now before the event. Did you make any changes in your preparations, or do you stick with what you are familiar with? 


I've just been mainly playing TDM and other casual modes.

Sadly I'm unable to practice duel at home because of such poor internet. I crash 1-7 times a day with high packet loss! A real shame...but I don't let it stop me! 


Regarding some rumors, the schedule for the event will be tight, when are you going to Bucharest, and how do you think jet lag will affect your performance? 


I arrive in Bucharest early in the week. I think I will handle the jetlag.

For about a full year now I've made sure to have healthy habits which helps to handle that. 


QuakeCon and QWC in Bucharest is basically the highlight of the season.

What are you aiming for in the tournament? What are your goals?


Yeah it seems like QWC is the highlight of the year, outside of IronFist 2!

My goal is to achieve at least get top 16 in this event. Although I'm aiming for winning the whole thing!

I wanna kick everyone's ass in the Arena! 


You came with real great Idea of you (Paul), me (Pavel), bukster (Pavels) and yup (Pablo) having some drinks together after the event ends - do you think members of Quake family should name their kids in variant of name Paul to rise probability of theirs kid succeed in the game?


Let's not forget DE k1llsen's last name being Paul as well! Haha!

Obviously people should name their sons Paul or alterations of it for maximum success in life and pro gaming! I look forward to seeing all the Paul's!

Especially Pablo since I have never met him before! 


Thank you for your time brother, Iam really looking forward to seeing you in Bucharest! Good Luck!


It's going to be great to see you again! It's always a pleasure!

Thanks for the luck! Thank you again to Kinesis as well as my extremely supportive family and supporters!


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