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Quake Champions - THE WAY OF GUNZ!

If you are new to Quake Champions, you might find it overwhelming experience. Dont worry, every member of Quake Family was at the very same spot as you are. There are so many different qualities, you need to learn - mostly while being shoot at!

This is the way of Quake!



Aim is one of crucial skills you need to learn, in order to survive in the arena. You need to Frag, or you will be fragged - thanks to CA Gianni Matragrano, this will most likely happend on Friday.

To practice your aim in Quake Champions, I would highly advice to you to start with Instagib in yours Quick Play Queue and add next in the list as you feel more and more sure in the arena...

... or start to feel slightly insane after 20 matches full of uranium slugs flying around your head.

If you are interested in general aim, rather than how I would advice you to proceed with crazy uphill climb, that is in front of you, check this amazing discussion of PL Av3k, PT ins and RS Serious.



Instagib modification will provide you with Rail Gun; crazy weapon with slow rate of fire and terrifying damage that was added by US Tim Willlits to Quake in its 2nd generation.

Some say, that it changed the game forever ... others are not that modest :)

In Instagib, there are no items or weapons in the Arena, so your only concern is stripped to hit your opponent - and try to do that as fast as possible. 

With this mode, you can get glimpse of Arenas, scout its topography and find some good places from which you get some good shoots.

You dont need to move that much, just try to incorporate some basic side to side dodging to your gameplay. Jumping is dangerous thing, as being mid-air makes you easy prey.

BTW in Instagib, there is possibllity to switch to your Gauntlet,
melee weapon that - in this modification - kills your foes instantly ;-)



Unholy Trinity will add two new weapons to one, you are well aware from Instagib, first weapon sports continuous stream of electricity, and it is known as Lightning Gun, or Shaft!

This weapon will escalate demands on your aim capabilities as you need to hold your croshair on your opponent with very high precision.

Lightning Gun have quite low damage, but insane rate of fire - so you are trying to hit and correct position of croshair as much as possible. Some players use it in a way, that they follow his opponent not by mouse movement, but by actual movement of theirs Champion while corsshair remains steady.

Instructional Video (LG Tourney by Sea7)

LG is great weapon for mid range and open spaces where you can dodge enemy fire while you try to hold that crosshair on enemy model.

Rocket Launcher, all time favourite since Quake World. This weapon should be used in mid-close distance. Direct Rocket hits for 100HP, but it also have splash radius, so you might see lower numbers from close by explosions. And enemies flying out of epicenter, as it creates shockwave. Sometimes you can even get hurt by yours own rockets, but as you are born lucky, there is no self damage in Unholy Trinity.

RL is used to get your opponent from cover, spam damage on acces points and to create damage barrier, as you disengage from battle to restock. BTW There is no better feeling than hitting that rocket while your enemy is flying midair.

This is how RU The Queen does it!


In Unholy Trinity, Major Items are Introduced in form of Heavy Armor and Light Armor, as well as Mega Health. Again, you are lucky, as in Quick Play game modifications, Quake Champions will let you know when next item is available for you to grab - check that white circle filling slowly up.


Major items have fixed positions, as any other item in the Arenas and respawns 30s after last pickup. They are essential part of DUEL for example.

So, should you put them into yours calculations right now? I guess there is not that much need for it as you are on the start or your way, but I will return to this topics in separate article.

BUT ... if you find some of those on your way thru battlefield, try to remember its locations, pick them up and get slowly into habit of checking your timer.

If in-game clocks are on 0-30 seconds, add 30

if clocks are at 31-59 - subtract 30

Dont even try to add 30 and recalculate that pass over minute! :-)



Impulse 9 have pretty much same rule set as Unholy Trinity,
but you are introduced to ALL WEAPONS that Quake Champions has to offer.

More guns, more fun, ey?


Tri-bolt! This is brand new weapon to Quake series, and it is replacing Grenade Launcher. Tri-bolt shoots three projectiles, that sticks to point of impact or explode midair after certain time. You will hate this weapon for quite a long time, until you fell deeply and madly in love with it and you will search for.

It is great weapon, that allows you to control Arena; control narrow hallways leading towards point of interest and anoy your opponents with constant - most of the time misjudged damage.


Heavy Machinegun was starting weapon in Quake 3 Arena, it replaced Pistol from Quake 2 and Boomstick of Quake World.

It is hitscan weapon, that allows you to rain havoc from far far away. It has some spread, but if you are willing to cut fire rate in favour of damage, you can use ZOOM MODE.

Super Shotgun, that is basically your instant Rocket Launcher for real close distance.

It is effective companion in the Arenas. If you find yourself real close to your opponent in the midst of battle, Shotgun into face is way to go. On the other hand, sometimes it might deal that last damage you need to kill your opponent, as he is leaving the room.

Super Nailgun - replaced by Plasma Gun in Quake 3

Projectile weapon, that is true hero in narrow corridors or in places, where opponents are stucked together. It is inflicting self damage, if you are face-to-face with wall - or enemy.

With this weapon - same as when you are using Rocket Launcher for longer distances - you need to learn and predict movement of your opponents. In defensive play, it is used when you are backing up, and your enemy is chasing you from doorways and close quarters.

... but wait, there is more ...





With Deathmatch, everything changes and it step up the level of your involvement, you probably know arenas right now, you are somehow aware, that there are some Major Items, as well as HP Bubbles. The heck, you even might have found Hourglasses and if you picked them by accident, you realised that it reduced timer of yours Champions Ultimate Ability.

At this point you need to learn spawn positions of weapons,
as you are thrown in the Arena with just starting weapon.

Shut up Hawr1x .... Yeah, well, no kidding.

Last Three weapons I mentioned while talking about Impulse 9 are variants of weapons, you find in the Arena, but all three of them have "younger siblings" and once you choose one, it is unique for you while you run and breathe. If happy accident happends to you, and you are about to be respawned, you can CHANGE IT.


  Machinegun Shotgun Nailgun  

How to pick up your starting weapon is on your own preference,
you might find it champion dependant and also arena specific.

I would advice to go with Machinegun and pierce em all ... and later experiment with others.

Good Luck & See you in the Arenas


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