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For all of you, members of Quake Family at home, IRONFIST LAN by Myztro Gaming
and powered by LogitechG will start tomorrow, when you turn on STREAMS,
sit down in comfort of your chairs or living room and watch
best of the best playing on fair ground.

For players and production, whole process is much more complicated
and I would like to share with you what is going on behind the scenes,
so you can maybe soak a bit of that HYPE we are now feeling.

© Legie

London Eye

LONDON Datacenter will be used as a official server to play all the games,
and everybody will have ping 2ms.

It is not dedicated LAN server, but we are as close to that, as we are able to be.

Stations inside Red Bull Gaming Sphere (RBGS) can run Quake Champions at 450fps so there is more than enough computing power, to fill that 240Hz monitor refresh rates players will be playing on.

Backstage of RBGS is amazing place to be; warm basement full of displays
and humming sound of racks running whole show with loads of camera angles and crisp sound.

Shakespeare`s GlobeCasters UK ZSX and UK Lethal will be sitting in dediceted room close by to be joined by UK HELL during the day.

UK Ketchup, host of Event, will be right in the centerpoint of all happenings and it was real great to meet with all members before kick-off of IRONFIST.

Every single player got chance to spend whole day of practice and setup.

St. Paul`s CathedralMy "KURWA Counter" got broken, as I did not expected to have two Polish players on LAN... Shit happends.

PL Av3k tryed to fix his shouler by sitting next to AC but almost freeze to death.

which is suiting, becase London Theatres prepare new Frozen show 8-)

Meanwhile PL wolfpl is full in practise mode under DireWolves frontman supervision and everybody is admiring tatoos of AU ZenAku.

With UA Xron being stationed at home to bring you CIS stream, main destructive force on the Event was passed onto US rapha - he forced ZSX to destroy his chair and himself managed to fix his PC by summoning blue screen of death in order to complete installation of Quake Champions.

Second adept to became "Technician of the Year" is US sib, that managed to break his keyboard before even arriving to the venue. To be honest, it was made by design in two parts, but originally all keys were working.

Buckingham PalaceWhole delegation of Dragonborn esports with EE cnz and US dramiS and head manager Jacob arrived early in the morning to set up theirs stations.

Little did they know, that there will be TEAM KILL right in Round of 16.

Team Endpoint practice group with BR nosfa and AR maxter spend basically whole day at the event and you can check part of theirs bootcamp in this amazingly cut VOD.

Wellington ArchWith English being used as a main language for the venue, RU baSe took Sergey as his translator and it seems Alexander feels real good to frag somebody in the Arenas - he will face UK HELL in Round of 16.

Rest of Myztro bois practiced real hard especially IT VengeuR and HU RAISY were seldom visible away from theirs machines.

UK GaRpY is helping with organisation of Venue and UK Nigel is running errands that cant be handeled by the rest of a crew.

Some minor technical issues are worked on, but I never seen so much dedication and goal oriented team, as we have here. RESPECT.

US Effortless and LV bukster basically became members of production by taking THE STATIONS and alot of tests and optimalization for tomorrows stream were made uppon theirs gameplay. Thank them later. 

Good Night/Afternoon/Morning everybody, be sure to get your snacks ready,
because there are some CRAZY matches going on right from the start of the event.


Dedicated to Leanne and Adam <3

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