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Quake Champions - THE WAY OF CONTROL!

In first part of this guide, we discussed THE WAY OF GUNZ!

By now, you have probably realised end experienced, how deadly weapons in Quake Champions are, and surviving in such a violent enviornment is challenging.

If you want to poceed in your training in Deathmatch, or Team modifiactions, you will need to learn some more qualities in order to thrive in the Arenas. 


In Quake Champions, every Arena provides you with specific set of Items. These collectibles are on set locations and it create points of interest and direct flow of the game.

Items are not created equaly, and some of them are more important, lets call them Major Items. We touched them briefly in THE WAY OF GUNZ! but as repetition is mother of wisdom, lets throw them back after short expansion on Weapons and Ammo Boxes.

Until now - in Instagib, Unholy Trinity and Impulse9 - you were provided with weapons as you started your game and all of them had infinite ammo - but from now on, you are on your own
... yeah, I know ... :-)


GUNZ!Weapons & Ammo Boxes

With high probability, you played few Deathmatches, so you know that different weapons are scattered in the Arenas.

Weapons are your tools and each of them serve different purpouse. In Quake Champions, there are bunch of them, but 3 are recognised as vital - you know these guns as UNHOLY TRINITY.

Most of the time, you are trying to create route thru Arenas, that will sooner or later leads to posession of all three.


 10 Slugs 
+5 Ammo Box
MAX 25 Magazine
  100 Cells
+50 Ammo Box
MAX 150 Magazine
  10 Rockets
+5 Ammo Box
MAX 25 Magazine
90 DMG   6 DMG   100 DMG
(Splash 100 -> 10 DMG)
Hitscan / Long Range   Hitscan / Mid Range   Projectile / Mid Range

All weapons respawns after 5 seconds in DUEL and 1 second in Public Games, so you should be able to grab one pretty quickly - that also means, that strategy of denying weapons from opponent is forcing you to stay on that location.

When you pick up weapon for the first time, it will add its starting value, with any additional pickup you will restock to that base value. If you are over, you build "over stack" by 1 or 10 extra ammo - depending on weapon - until you reach Maximum size of Magazine.

Most of the Arenas will provide you with Ammo Boxes for each weapon. They are respawning after 20 seconds and they are filling your Magazine with 5 or 50 Ammo - depending on weapon.

Usually, they are on opposite part of played Arena, and allows you to use your weapon without going back to its original spawn.

It would be cool for you to be rougly aware of location of Ammo Boxes at least for guns of Unholy Trinity

In Deathmatch, all Ammo Boxes are Colorless and they will add Ammo for EVERY WEAPON!

Ammo Boxes add its value even if you are not in posession of that weapon! You can pick them prior to collection of your favourite gun.

  10 Bolts
+5 Ammo Box
MAX 15 Magazine
  100 Bullets
+ 50 Ammo Box
MAX 150 Magazine
  10 Shells
+5 Ammo Box
MAX 25 Magazine
  100 Nails
+50 Ammo Box
MAX 150 Magazine
 35 DMG
(Splash 35 -> 10 DMG)
  10 DMG
  125 DMG
(25x5 DMG)
  15 DMG
(Splash -> 15 DMG)
Projectile / Mid Range   Hitscan / Long Range   Hitscan / Close Range   Projectile / Mid Range


Following 4 Weapons are your starting ones.

You are always equipped with Gauntlet, that is your Melee Weapon, you need to be face-to-face with your opponent to damage them. Gauntlet basically replaced Axe from Quake World and it first appeared in Quake III Arena.


Infinite   100 Bullets
+ 50 Ammo Box
MAX 150 Magazine
  10 Shells
+5 Ammo Box
MAX 25 Magazine
  100 Nails
+50 Ammo Box
MAX 150 Magazine
75 DMG   8 DMG   85 DMG   10 DMG


From three last, you need to select one and you then have it on your respawn.

Most of the time, Machinegun is used, but lately Shotgun can be seen in hands of fast light champions on small arenas, where they can close that distance between enemies and shoot them into face.

There is still space for experimenting with Nailgun, as damage increase compared to Machinegun is not that big to excuse projectiles that are more demanding on skills to hit them.


by IT Marco "vengeuR" Ragusa of Myztro Gaming 


MAJOR ITEMSArmor & Health

You can find true Major Items in form of Heavy Armor and Mega Health. Both Items respawns 30 seconds after last pickup, and they are providing +100 points in each respective attributes.

Huge advantage of this items is that they allow you to get values, that are above base stack of each champion.

Both of Majors have its supplementary items in form of Light Armor, and Small Health - but in this case, they are able to help you just to restock on base values of each champion.

Small Health Bubbles respawns twice as fast

30s   30s RESPAWN 30s   15s 
+100 AP   +50 AP BONUS +100 HP   + 25HP

As I already mentioned, Major items have fixed positions and small podiums indicating precise respawn location. To thrive in the Arenas, you need to learn, where such locations are and return to them - possibly precisely on time as they are respawning.

I would highly advice to check Custom Games or Practise, where you have time to scout and memorise. Start with just Major Items cycle and find all ways connecting them. Later on, try to add Light Armors to that cycle. 

You want learn those things and automate them, because you need to concentrate on another things in battle, rather than asking yourself: "Where the hell should I restock now!?"

You should learn shortest routes to each Item.

In each Arena, there is DIFFERENT number of Light Armors and Small Health Bubbles.


If in-game clocks are on 0-30 seconds, add 30

if clocks are at 31-59 - subtract 30

Dont even try to add 30 and recalculate that pass over minute! :-)

Timing is vital mainly in DUEL - there is no indication, when next item will respawn, and because it is just you and your opponent, items mentioned above and its management will became crucial in success.

If you are not sure, when next set of Items will respawn in the arena, try to listen to distinct sounds of pickups of those Items. You dont need to see that item is collected, sound of pickup should trigger that glimpse on in-game clocks.


by IT Marco "vengeuR" Ragusa of Myztro Gaming 


POWER UPSQuad Damage & Protection

If you played IMPULSE9 or DEATHMATCH, you might have heard about powerups. First spawn of powerups is at fixed time, at 90 seconds after match starts. Then it returns every 2 minutes.

  Boosts all your weapons to deal 4x more damage   Reduce Incoming Damage by 67%  

You are informed by announcer, that powerup is about to be spawned on its position 15 seconds before it will happend, and then when that situation occured.


SHARDSArmor Shard & Time Shard

We have two more items that can occur in the Arena. You have seen first of them right at the start of your journey, in Instagib, and they are called Hourglasses, Cooldowns or Time Shards.

Time Shards respawn in the arena after 30 seconds, so you can incorporate them to your routes from Heavy Armor to Mega Health or back.

They will reduce cooldown of your ability and for some Champions (Mainly Light Ones), they are real important, and should be part of your gameplay.

Time Shards are most of the time placed in positions of defence, and therefore they are one of tools, that gives player out of control get back to arena and took that Major Item cycle.

  Reduce Cooldown of Champions Ability by 10%   Add +5 Armor  

Last Item should be seen more like reward, it does not spawn in the arena, but after each kill you make, three of Armor Shards will fell out of deciesed body of your enemy and it will offer you quick boost to your Armor stack.


This will most likely be usefull for DUEL Practise, where Items matters the most.

Start your map in Team Deathmatch in custom game (You cant start DUEL without opponent), and set timelimit to your pleasure. Explore the Arena and once you feel it, start to call different Weapons and Items in the Arena
and try to find closest way to them.



This topic is so much deeper, and every player makes split second decisions about choosing to challenge items or let them be. You are going to need to decide if you want go for weapons of Unholy trinity, or stay safe with good position where ambushes can be made, but I will try to explan those in THE WAY OF MIND!

Good Luck & See you in the Arenas


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