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Quake Champions - THE WAY OF MIND!

"Hello ... Hi ... It is me -- AGAIN ... and I want you to learn even more :-)"

... Oh fcuk ... my mind is already blown ... what MORE?
Why you hate me?

Well, because I was where you are (few years and kids back) I know, that you want to play the fucking game! Thats reasoning, behind starting with THE WAY OF GUNZ!

I threw on you some order of modifications from Quick Play which should allow you to play without any excessive ammount of stress or feelings that you are toy of somebody, who has no fucking life, and s(he) spend last 25 years in the Arena, grinding that shit out for every single day;


Hell yeah and he is basically guarding 101 ELO in Ranked DUEL to hunt poor novices; because - obviously - his balls are too small for him to play at proper level and ... he is fucking looser ... bitch! :-)


As you advanced from Instagib, Unholy Trinity and Impulse9 to Deathmatch, I tryed to explain to you metrics, that are connected to all of the goodies you find in the Arena and so THE WAY OF CONTROL! was created.

Control over Items allows you to expand your dominance in the arena and with proper collection of Weapons, you have all the tools necessary to guard that fagile sense of power over Arena at the moment.

Power, that can be taken from you within few seconds.

Welcome to THE WAY OF MIND!

All things above, can be somehow called mechanics and they are baseline from which you can expand. Without them, you dont trully understand the game, its challenges and laws - as a result of missing foundations, you might suffer more, than it is really nessesary. Because, believe it or not, some suffering is always included in game of Quake.

Quake Champions - and AFPS in general - are not some conjurer of cheap tricks. There is true struggle involved and you feel sense of satisfaction when you achieve some progress. You dont level your ingame character, you are leveling yourself!

This is the most terrible and also most beautifull thing about Quake.

It is terrible for everybody, who never played this type of game before or lack those foundations, because they often found themselves in bad spot (They go directly to DUEL or DEATHMATCH) and they get theirs asses steam rolled - call this game shit and start another round of Battle Royale - where they can jump out of flying bus or whatever, land safely and then hide behind the trees praying that they are not first to be killed.

Once you have mechanics under your skin and you know where and WHEN the major items are, you are venturing somehow safely into the Arena and try to control next item in a row.

Once you have weapons to your will and know how and when to use them, you are prepared for new challenges that awaits you in the Arenas.

Once you grasp speed that can be achieved in the Arena, you are no longer suprised not knowing what and from which direction hit you.

Well, yeah, most of the time you know ... :-)


Fun & Pro

First of all, you want to know where you are heading and where does your heart is - and it could change day by day - given circumstances in your life, and nobody force you to play high demanding modifications all the time.

Iam not saying that you should pick one of two, or three categories and dont learn at all - main idea behind those categories of players is that you find one, that suits you and where you dont feel that much preassure on yourself, where you have most fun and where you enjoy the game - because that is most important - you deserve to have fun. It only depends on you, where that fun is for you.

I will throw myself as example

QuakeCon 2007 - id Software parking lotMy name is CZ Pavel "Hawr1x" Kymla and Iam playing Quake since Quake World - starting about 1997.

My biggest achievements in Quake was Qualifiing from Open Brackets in Quake Live tournament to Ro64 at QuakeCon 2008 and being owned by Shane in Quake 4 at QuakeCon 2007.

Probably as a revenge for almost being arrested for visiting id Software offices un-invited and jumping out of the car on one of lead programmers of that company ... hype was real bois and girls :-)

Still, I dont know, if this counts as an achievement...

IRONFIST 2021 by Myztro GamingI always love Quake series and because of that I decided to went in direction of coverage, news and analytics - as my mechanics are making me Guardian of Silver League - The ultimate Final Boss :-)) and Iam kind of lazy to put 121% of my thinking into the game as I use it as a relaxation - BUT - I FUCKING LOVE QUAKE! and I enjoy to drive that Anarki in the arenas with sense of absolute freedom to be destroyed  ... or frag my opponent.

And yes, I kind of did my fair share of travelling to loads of LANs to settle down and open The Quake Pub ... obviously to solve my non existant midlife crysis.

That being said, Iam in that FUN category, and I would never changed anything that I experienced thanks to Quake.



If you want to play Quake Champions for fun, and dont want to think that much about it, you are basically good to go.

You might eventually try to work on your movement and try different champions on the rooster. I kind of avoided movement at all, because telling you ...

... move your mouse in preciselly 13.37° clockwise,
hit right strafe + jump and than slowly move mouse counter-clockwise for 1.01s in angle of 100.01° until you land ...

... seems like waste of time for everybody.

If you want to work on your movement - and I repeat, that you dont need to in this level of engagement and your set goals, I would like to offer you few guides from members if Quake Family.

If you dont want to actively learn, dont worry, you will learn how to move quicker sooner of later just by playing, as you get physics of the game to your hand.

You can play all the Quick Plays, and with knowledge you obtained in previous 2 Chapters, only thing you need to do is to tell your friends about Quake, drag them into Family and learn them how to play Team modifications - coz more friends, more fun.

If you really want to spice it up, or concentrate on some activities, you will find some Seasonal Challanges in Quake Champions and collect dem Icons, Plates and specific models of your guns. 

BTW because Iam lazy, I have created CHALLENGES TRACKER - tool that allows me to filter challenges by modification Iam playing, battle pass bounded or free and gun dependant.

As I have account on this page, I can click off finished, so they no longer appear on the list - I have that page opened on my phone, so I can quickly add my achievements - as sometimes ... Iam able to complete as much as two in one go! :-P

Have Fun & See you in the Arenas
Welcome to the Family <3



O K A Y 

Strafe Jumping; Air Control; Crounch Sliding; Wall, Double and Ramp Jumping
Rocket and Tri-Bolt Jumping & Plasma Climbing

Let me start with that movement I promissed to bois and girls that want to play for fun. There are some great guides in the community and here are few examples how bois approach beauty of Quake Champions movement.


by RU From Heaven
  FASTER CPM Movement

by US FrothyOmen

by US evmadic
  From the beginning.

by IT vengeuR

Shortly said, there are four types of movements in Quake Champions, you have classical strafe jumping (Majority of Champions), you can play with air control (Anarki and Sorlag) or use sliding (Slash, Strogg & Peeker) to control your movement, and then there are double directional charges (UT movement of Clutch - Movement Guide by RAISY.).

There are three other subcategories for strafe jumping champions and they are wall-jump (Nyx), double-jump (DOOM Slayer) and ramp-jumps (Athena - Reaching Higher Ground by FlukkzMedia)

If you want more from Quake Champions, you need to learn those types of movement, starting with classical strafe jumping. Being profound in movement will allow you to get on position faster, and with higher precision, and in Quake, every second matters.

It can be difference between life and death.

There is second side to this mantra. If you know abilities of champions and how fast they can be, where they can cut corners and use advantages of Champion specific movement, you are not suprised by the opponents moves.

You expect them and you are prepared for charge.


Patience and Concentration
Armor and Health, Ammo, Position of Opponent

First skill you need to learn is Patience, many players are loosing theirs temper and concentration in mids of battle and they feel preasure to push theirs opponent real hard. That constant urge of pressing that forward button to enjoy the speed and adrenaline that Quake offers you.


But, my friend, Quake is a bitch,
and that reckless move is all that your
opponent might need to unleash hell upon you.


With patience, Concentration is another virtue, you are looking for - you want to be most of the time concentrated on game itself, and perfecting of your movement, timing and coverage of Arena thanks to your Weapons.

You need to be concentrated on your own stack, how much damage you will survive and how much ammo you have for your wapons, as being without means of defence and offence can be crucial.

You dont want to hear that click of empty Magazine!

You need to be able to realise that it is time to go back for Major Item you have timing on, or realise, that you already lost position on it, and you cant challenge it. That pushing further will only put you back to stoneage.

At that point, it is vital to stay calm and try not to loose your mind, as there is probably alot of time, to get back to your game and swing it back to your side.


Planning and Awareness
Armor and Health, Ammo, Position of Opponent

Another major skill of player is Awareness, you need to be fully submerged in game if you want to achieve higher level of performance in Quake. You get into state of mind, where weapon switch, movement and timing of items is like breathing for you, you even go into the arena with some kind of MASTER PLAN.

You know that after initial respawns in DUEL, your first way will lead you towards one or two weapons of Unholly trinity and at least one major item.

You maybe decided to risk it to get full control right at the start of the map.

You might bet on postponing initial spawn of yours major item in order, to challange second cycle and get that control later.

You camp at position of highly desirable weapon and set trap over there, as you know, that your opponent didnt picked it up yet while maintaining position on yours Major and hopin your opponent will loose patience.

You collect all ammo on the way for weapon, you dont have yet, as you know that collection of it would put you into position, from which it would be tough to get back to restock.

This is all about Planning and self-awareness - but these things are later somehow automated as well, so when I talk about Awareness, Iam thinking about getting into your opponents head in DUEL.

There is base level of Awareness, when you know, that your opponent picked up certain weapons, and have set Items at his disposal. You are roughly aware of his position in the arena, and possible angles he can work with.

You should be able to read your opponent and put him into category of play style - if he likes to play offensive or deffensive,  if he is active or passive on items or if probably lean heavily on use one specific weapon.

You should be able to read current position in the Arena, and possible backup roads and items you will have to restock.

Items your opponent works with translates into stack - which tells you, how aggressive he can be and how much damage you need to do in orter to achieve frag.

Weapons will tell you how dangerous and from which distance can damage be inflicted towards you

Opponents play style will tell you how cautious you need to be while traversing the Arena

Position will let you hold certain parts of Arena and items you want to go and control. It helps you to cover some angles you dont need to care about and helps you to pick up specific weapons for defence or offers possible chance of aggresive peek.

Let me cut this article here, let it sink for a moment and we will meet once more in


Good Luck & See you in the Arenas


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