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IRONFIST - bukster Interview
  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
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     LV Pavel "bukster" Bartkevics  
  Twitter, Twitch  

Bukster was introduced to Quake with Quake 2 and had his brief grinding period in Quake Live. During early start of Diabotical, he managed to earn some hefty cash.

Bukster started to play Quake Champions from the start and attended Attended PGL 2018 LAN, Dreamhack Winter 2018 LAN in Duels and 2v2's and played 2020 Katowice Lan and he is most of the time hanging on that edge of Challangers and Quake Pro League. Lately, he qualified for IRONFIST LAN from first position in Online Qualifier.

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Hi Pavel, Congratulations on advancing to IRONFIST LAN! Welcome to QUAKE PUB, can you please introduce yourself a bit for all those players that been blind for 10 years, don’t know you from Quake Live era or don’t follow Diabotical where you are doing pretty well. 


Hello and thank you. My name is Pavel and I am from Latvia and people may know me by the nickname - bukster. To be honest , the only game people may know me is Quake Champions, since i wasn't playing much of QuakeLive and Diabotical.


Can you tell me more about your game against S I B in IRONFIST Online Qualifiers? How do you deal with such crazy matches, where enemy is just that aggressive? 


No offense to S I B, but i don't remember much about our games. I probably need to rewatch it to rememeber what actually happened there. The only games i can remember is a grand final against Effortless and it was tough, because I lost to him perviously in an Upper Bracket Final.


As far back as I can remember, you were always on that edge of challenges and Quake Pro League. Does this achievement somehow pump you to continue the grind in Quake Champions? 


Honestly it's not much of an achievement you can be proud of, because the goal was to get into QPL and I failed to do that couple of times.


IRONFIST will be first LAN after a while for most players. Was DreamHack Winter in 2018 last LAN u participate in? How much hyped are you to go to London and meet with other top players from around the world?


Recenetly I noticed that a lot of people actually forgot that I was playing challengers at 2020 Katowice LAN event and it was the last Quake Champiopns LAN event and I am looking forward to IronFist Lan event.


As a winner of Online Qualification, you got SEED 14, pointing you against SEED 3, do you already know, who will be your opponent? 


At this point I cannot disclose any information regarding tournament.


Do you have any special bootcamp ready before the event, or you will just grind it out online? 


Latvia right now is in full lockdown due to Covid, so even if I wanted to do a bootcamp it would be impossible, so Online practice is an only option.


If I check on Latvian players, there are not many of them in Quake – are there any talents you see in your community? How big Quake or AFPS community is in Latvia or Baltics republics?


When i was a kid and first introduced to Quake2 Latvian scene, I would say we had a big Quake community and a lot of top players. What is happening right now i am not actually sure, because i am not following it, but i am getting some twitch chat messages from old school quake players from time to time. I think community is there, but not that huge as it used to be.


Good Luck on LAN and thank you for your interview. 


Thank you.


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