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IRONFIST - vengeur Interview
  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
INTERVIEW: dramiS, maxter, bukster, vengeur, Effortless, ZenAku, wolfplnosfa, RAISY, cnz, rapha, GaRpY, HELL, sib

     IT Marco  "vengeuR" Ragusa  
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  Myztro Gaming

BIO: Straight outta Italy, Kid Bellissimo VengeurR is the youngest player in the entire Quake Pro League. He’s advanced to the professional Quake scene quicker than anybody in the previous years. Fueled by big match moments, VenguerR is the embodiment of clutch. Watching through his recorded matches are a nonstop sequence of highlights and implausible frags. Watch for unexpectedly over the top aggressive pushes that only this confident young killer can pull off.

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Hi Marco, long long time ago, you were just 17 and now, you are old and gray :-P and most of all QuakeCon 2021 Champion! Congratulations! Feeling good? What was the toughest match for you in the tournament?


Haha! Time flies, can't believe i'm about to be 23 in January 2022, i'm feeling good. Sadly i couldn't enjoy my win as much as i wanted cause of family issues but i'm happy to have achieved my dream, i don't really know about the toughest match, i think all of them were really tough, i had a really hard bracket and had to play players i didn't beat in a long time like Av3k and RAISY but i'm happy i managed to pull it off


Can you tell me how hard and demanding your journey to the top was?


Harder than people may think, i really put all my energy into it more than 100% mentally,phisically. i had to make a change inside me in order to get through some psychological barrier that was in my head in the previous tournaments. At the end the effort was worth it.


As a QuakeCon 2021 champion, do you feel some extra preassure before IRONFIST - both from the team and yourself - or does this great result give you more self-confidence?


Not really, the team Myztro Gaming knows how hard i work and i've been working in the past 3 years to reach this level, no matter what they will support me, what i know for sure is that playing on LAN and meeting all my friends again will be the most amazing feeling out of all


You mentioned in the QuakeCon interview that you started to work out and you are trying to balance strength of body and mind - how much does this physical strength help you to concentrate during matches and how does it help you during long tournaments?


Absolutely, i think this was one of the biggest factors in my win at Quakecon, i lowered my heart rate, im breathing better, taking things with more calm and i have way more stamina and gameplay time compared to the past thanks to the amount of work i also put outside the server.


IRONFIST will be the first LAN after a long long time. How are you preparing to change „your den“ for a completely different setup and place?


I'm preparing just like i did before COVID19, my last lan was a top4 placement at IEM Katowice and before that i played more than 6-7 lans so i know what is the general feeling and how to adapt to new setup, then sadly everything got shut down, it will just take a few hours at the event to get in the same feeling as when you are at home


Did you had to persuade Apex (big boss) for a long time to hold this LAN, or was is long term plan?


Haha, i didn't really have a clue until he told me to announce something on my stream after Quakecon, for sure i hope this is just the beginning in order to have more Quake LANS and not only QPL!


Who do you think would be the toughest opponent for you on LAN?


A lot of strong players are coming, so i would say to not underestimate any of them, for sure looking forward to play against RAISY, rapha and Av3K.


So far, there are six members of Myztro invited to IRONFIST, do you practise the most with them, or you do not much care of opponent for practise?


I used to play quite a bit with HELL and GaRpY before my tournaments, not that much with RAISY/Serious, now i'm trying to get back in the best shape possible for the event but i have such a difficult time at home and it's really really hard for me to focus properly during my practice sessions, i hope i can make the best out of it anyway :)


Thank you, good luck, and see you soon in London!




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