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IRONFIST - nosfa Interview
  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
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     BR Filipe "nosfa" Barbosa  
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BIO: Originally I was known as NosFeratuS, but over the years my friends started to call me by nosfa / nosf. I have been playing FPS games for many years now, but always had a special taste for the fast ones (known as aFPS or Arena FPS). My first game (and probably the one I spent more time playing) was called Half-Life 1:Deathmatch. For some unknown reason, competition has always caught my attention, so I’ve decided to take this hobby more seriously in the past few years. Currently, I’m playing Quake Champions competitively in the Quake Pro League.


Oi Filipe, how are you doing? Thank you for joining me here in The QUAKE PUB!

So from what I understand you are now with Maximiliano in Spain, some hard core boot camp going on there? Or just chilling at the beach, having some fun killing time zones? 


Hey man, it’s my pleasure to be here and thank you for the interview.

Yes we are here in Spain and we managed to chill in Barcelona for a few days and sightsee the city. But now we are in Madrid where we started to practice for good.

But Spain is amazing regardless


IRONFIST is the first big LAN event after 2 years. Are you looking forward to hanging out with bois and finally playing some proper DUELs on the even playground? 


Yes man, honestly I can’t wait for it.

This pandemic was really heavy on everyone so I can’t wait to get to hangout with the Quake fam again after almost 2 years.

No need to mention that I can’t take the high ping anymore since I live in south america, so playing on LAN again is definitely hype.


I found out recently about TOPOS Clan, how are things around Quake down south for now? Any bigger events on the horizon? 


Yes, there are some people organizing some amateur Quake events in south america and I really appreciate it (shoutouts to BR Rld, CI kirk, CI vodkax, AR Liix).

It helps to keep the community active and moving


You are in the Quake Pro League right from the Kickoff phase at QuakeCon 2019. How have things changed for you during those years? 


Well, I’d say a lot has changed since the beginning, from players to map pool, and the skill level has certainly increased in my opinion.

What changed for me is that players had to adapt of having no LAN for almost 2 years and playing online certainly impact a bit in the results but its all good.


Are there any changes, you would like to see in QPL? 


No, not really. I think Bethesda/PGL have been doing a good job with the league so far. Maybe adding more player slots in the future? dunno


Do you welcome that there is this break in QPL so players can spend some time with other activities and fields kind of opened for community events? Do you think this should be a regular thing? 


Oh yea man, this down time is definitely welcome and I support it.

We’ve been playing non-stop for 2 years since qcon 2019 so this rest is definitely required. Maybe not 3-4 months but a 1 month break every now and then would be awesome


What is Filipe doing, when not in full grind mode in Quake Champions? Any other games you are trying or hobbies you like to do outside of PC? 


Well I have my job as a system analyst, and I try to go out and hangout with friends for as much as I can.

With the summer season hitting Brazil right now I’ll definitely start going to the beach very often and catching some waves (if I manage to standup in my surfboard due to the weight I gained in the quarantine :D). 


When are you moving to London and what is your goal for IRONFIST? 


Me and AR maxter are going to UK tomorrow where we will join PL avek for a couple more days of practice in team endpoint’s facility (shoutout to UK Pete btw)


Thank you for your time and good luck in London!


Always a pleasure man, thank you for the invite


Thank you <3

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