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IRONFIST - dramiS Interview
  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
INTERVIEW: dramiS, maxter, bukster, vengeur, Effortless, ZenAku, wolfplnosfa, RAISY, cnz, rapha, GaRpY, HELL, sib

     US Kyle "dramiS" Simard  
  Twitter, Twitch, Instagram  
  Dragonborn esports

BIO: Dramis is The Unknown in the Quake Pro League. He’s fairly new to the scene and has been grinding his way to the elite, surprising opponents. Opponents describe his style as a fairly balanced between strategy and aim. You’ll want to keep tabs on Dramis as he proves himself amongst the best.

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Hi Kyle, you are now one of players for Dragonborn esports.
How does the cooperation goes and does this fact somehow deepens cooparation with EE CNZ?


The org has been extremely professional and organized over the last month.

I talk with CNZ and our manager once a week so it definitely is getting me more used to CNZ.

Also we have more direct communication to get practice and he has an alternative playstyle that I need practice against so it’s been very beneficial.


Dragonborn esports seems to be interested in Quake not only by acquiring players, but also by introducing DBE Invitational. Did you see how stacked Online Qualifiers are?

NOTE: Questions for interview were send before DBE Online Qualifiers


Yes, DBE is very interested in Quake and they’ve been kind enough to bring me onto the team.

I’m very excited about the DBE Online Qualifier, the players who joined are definitely not no-name players.

I expect HU Raisy and RU Base to make it through as the top 2 not sure of seeding. Even more excited to play the 8-player tournament on Sunday (Oct 24th).

It’ll be great practice for London (minus the LAN aspect.)


We have IRONFIST LAN in front of us, and its chance to meet with players and friends and play on low ping after awhile. How do you feel about going to UK London?


I’ve never been so excited going into a LAN tournament, it feels like we haven’t been to tournaments in person for well over two years.

This is the longest break from LAN, I and many of players have had going into a LAN tournament.

Usually people will have a lot of practice leading up to it but even bootcamping would be difficult with Covid going on.

I feel great about going into London and expect a top performance from myself hoping to take home the win for DBE.


IRONFIST will be first LAN after 2 years, do you think that this will somehow impact performance of players across the board?


I expect the break from LAN to definitely impact players performance whether it gives them more passion to be playing on LAN or some players may have a lot of rust to shake off and not enough time to do it.


Recently, I saw you playing multiple shooters both for fun and in tournaments.

Do you plan to aim for more titles in the future, or once Quake Pro League is back, you will concentrate only on Quake Champions?


I plan to concentrate entirely on Quake Pro League as my priority but with this $250,000 Halo Infinite opener event in December I may be competing in that as well. That will all depend on how I think I perform and the team performs on LAN and when it’s time to win. I have a lot of Halo experience so it wouldn’t be a hard switch at all just need to prioritize quality over quantity practice.


Event tho your performace is better and better and QuakeCon 2021 was quite a ride and full of exciting moments, you are still waiting for some great final results in Quake Champions.

Are you preparing some special bootcamp schedule before the event?


I expect to keep improving and that is correct I’m still waiting to get a great final result at a big tournament, this could be the LAN I can show my true potential to all the other players and the community.

There won’t be a bootcamp for me going into London with how unpredictable Covid-19 rules have been, I’ll be showing up a day or two before and be nice and practiced up from my apartment in Vermont.


Thank you for your time and see you on LAN! Good Luck


You’re welcome, thanks for the opportunity to answer some questions. Yes you will see me on LAN, very soon! Thanks for the good luck, appreciate your time.


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