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  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
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     HU Adrián "RAISY" Birgány  
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  Myztro Gaming

BIO: Heyooo!~ My name is Adrián Birgány. I am a member of the org Myztro Gaming, and I play Quake Champions on a competitive level in the Quake Pro League. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the same tag. Thank you for your time, I hope you'll like my content! q:D


Hello Adrián, how are you doing? Enjoying some time off from Quake Pro League? 


Hello. Honestly, I don't really like the break at all. Would rather be competing every week instead. 


Myztro Gaming invested a lot of time and effort to hold IRONFIST? How do you feel about playing after almost 2 years at LAN? 


I'm glad we finally get to compete on LAN.

These online events have been a huge pile of random mess due to pings and inconsistencies. 


Do you welcome this gap between Quake Pro League seasons - that in my eyes opened community events and gives the possibility for organising event like IRONFIST. 


I don't like the gap, as it is boring not to compete. And as for the community events and other tournaments, why not both?

(Just don't organise them for the same days, obviously.)


Was your performance at the Quake Pro Community Tournament disappointing for you, or when you get to the point where there are Bo1 Lower Brackets, there is too much randomness involved. 


Yeah, I kinda messed up this previous tournament and I am mad at myself for doing so, but the chance is gone now, so I'll just try to learn from it.

And as a competitor, there are two things I really dislike when it comes to tournament formats: Single Elimination Brackets, and Best of 1 Lower Brackets. I get that it requires more time to do them differently, but it would have less random results.

The Single Elimination format especially annoys me, because it can deny some people to advance further in the tournament, just because they get the one opponent that is their exact counter, but would beat the rest of the competition most likely. 


When I look at your results, you are basically putting yourself on the podium and you are without a doubt among TOP 3 EU Players. Yet the top position is still missing? Will this change after IRONFIST? 


I haven't really gotten the big win in a QPL Stage so far, but out of 7 Finals, I've been in the Grand Finals 5 times.

I guess at least I'm consistent... yay!

Hopefully I'll finally get a 1st place at the IRONFIST. 


:-) You for sure are consistent!

You are doing some crazy challenges within Ranked play, No Ghost Walk with Nyx and No shield with Clutch. How hard it was to adapt especially in the Nyx playthru. 


These challenges are enjoyable to do, and quite hard. (Wouldn't be fun otherwise.)

They spice up playing Ranked Duels a little bit, making it more interesting for the viewers, as well. I like figuring out how to adapt to make them work.


Do you prepare any special bootcamp before the event? 


I won't be bootcamping before the event, but I am preparing myself to be in good shape.


Thank you for your time, and good luck in London!


Thank you! Enjoy the show! :P


I believe we all do! ;-)

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