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IRONFIST - wolfpl Interview
  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
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     PL Marcin "wolfpl" Mielniczeki  
  Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube  

BIO: Bartender, gamer, everyday comedian. I love competetive games and hitting high ranks
CSGO : Global Elite, Quake Live : Top2 EU i Top10 World in QLStats, 
Starcraft 2 : Top 8 Masters Zerg and Protoss


Hi Marcin, first of all con-fucking-gratulations to making it to IRONFIST. Did you expect that when you signed into that Qualification? How hyped are you for the event?


Hi Hawr1x ! Havent expected that at all.

Im playing Quake Champions literally for 2 months signed in only to get tournament experience but had an amazing run and im shocked more then you guys. I

cant express enough how hyped I am. It was always my dream to be on such an event meet players and stay arm to arm with the best players in the world. 


Can you please introduce yourself a bit and let Quake Family know who Marcin Mielniczek is?


I always been competetive player. Im 30 years old experienced bartender I work at bars in Poland and at weddings, IT developer and gamer first and foremost. Im playing Quake for 20 years I did participate in my very first Quake 3 Arena duel tournament when I was 11 years old.

I was always around playing at Polish Lans and in online tournaments streaming Quake Live, making tutorials and always dreaming about being somebody in this scene and game that I truly love.

I feel like this is my time and this is just the beginning ! 


When you look back on your Quake beginnings, what was the toughest skill to acquire for you and was there some “kuuuuuuuurwaaaaa” moment that kicked your game up by a margin?


A lot of happened during those years. In Quake Live around 2016 I was in best shape beating a lot of pro players in online tournaments since I never been best aimer I had to adapt to fight against the best and created my style of play which was annoying and hard to others but very succesful for me.

My best "kuuuuurrrwwaaaa" moment was beating RU Evil in 125fps tournament in 2016 when he was so strong and winning every tournament there is and months later he fought rapha in best Quakecon finales we had in 2016 with this epic Elder game we will never forget.


Do you think that going as a player to such an event can elevate your position and up your game to compete for QPL? 


I think it does. Going to such an event will definitly elevate my game and experience. Its amazing opportunity to show myself to whole scene. I want to try to compete for QPL and since im here after 2 months I will make sure to be more then ready for QPL and will do my best!


You spend most of your life playing Quake 3/Quake Live - if you compare Quake Champions to Quake Live, how tough it is to add champions differences to your calculations about outcome of a fight. Do you even have this in back of your mind?

Do you think that addition of champions makes Arena FPS better and was good evolution of genre?


I think adding champions to the table was natural developement of the game since champions genre is so common now it wanst such a surprise. We have moba games, Overwatch, Valorant etc. When it comes to comparing it to previous Quake's its been tough from the start. It makes game more intresting especially from viewer perspective but for us gamers its a lot to learn.

There are still champions that im not good at because I prefered to spend this little time I had in this game to understand more gameplay and flow of the game rather then mastering every champion but will definitly catch up on that.

Although its fun and creates diversity I think Quake Live was perfectly balanced game with just pure skill involved and I could play it whole my life.

Its important to mention and I said it many times on my stream that playing and learning new Quake is so fun.


There is no doubt you will be an underdog at IRONFIST, but it gives you a chance to meet and practise with the best of the best.

Who are you looking forward to meeting in person? Do you think that being “new” to this level of competition can give you some edge? 


Being underdog is a good thing nobody expects a lot from you especially that some of players might be aware of me playing only for 2 months but they cant forget that im playing Quake almost whole my life. Every practise game against them will be elevating my game so much and they cant take me lightly.

Im looking forward to meet US Rapha just becuase I always been his fan. My style of play in Quake Live was kinda similar to him because since not being greatest aimer I had to adapt and thats what he did back then on whole another level. 


The Polish Quake and gaming community was always strong, with great names and teams at the top of major events. And Poland itself has Top LAN Events thanks to one crazy dood coming out of Polish Quake. Was there some role model from the community? 


Its an obvious answer that PL Av3k is an inspiration. He is our best Polish player since always. Never met him before but soon there's gonna be great opportunity to finally meet him. He always was at the highest level in every Quake and its very impressive. Im always rooting for him whenever he competes and Im glad we have such person fighting under Polish flag. 


You are part of the crew around Polish Quake League, one of 3 big national leagues running now in Quake Champions (German, Polish, Australian). Can you tell us more about it? 


I joined HotSeat_GG as a caster. I have little of casting background used to cast online tournament with one and only UK Xavier "zoot" Dhorne and was happy to see Polish community creating its own league. Since I always dreamt about working around esports and gaming I felt like this is one step closer even though we are doing this as a hobby. I hope we can grow in future and create something beautiful. We also have Polish Warcraft League and plan to expand organisation further. 


Thank you for taking time to visit The QUAKE PUB, good luck at IRONFIST and Iam lookig forward to meeting you there!


Thank you so much for this interview. You did good job with those questions and I also cant wait for event and meeting all of you guys. See you there !


Thank you <3

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