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IRONFIST - GaRpY Interview
  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
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     UK  Gareth "GaRpY" Marshall  
  Twitter, Twitch  
  Myztro Gaming

BIO: 1998 Started in Half-Life Deathmatch, 1999 Joined HLCCL to play competitively, 2000-2003 Played some of the best players in the World. Proclaimed no.1 player at HLDM. 2003-present Painkiller, Counterstrike, Quake Live, Shootmania, Battlefield series... My love of all things FPS continues


Hi Gareth, you recently celebrated your one hundred and eleventh birthday, are you feeling old for this shit already? 8-)

Or you just kicked in 2nd gear and you will show dem noobz how Quake Champions is played!
Con-fucking-gratulations btw! All the best! 


Thank you mate, I do and don’t feel old, in myself I still feel 18 :) 

but I suppose in the gaming world I am 111 years old… I still feel that I can kick some ass with these young players, I have experience and many years of it, only thing I struggle with now a days is getting time to play, real life is very busy at the moment but im trying my best to compete and bring some upsets!


You are Managing Director of Myztro Gaming, currently the biggest powerhouse in Quake Champions, with a team in Apex Legends. What are your duties and does Nigel cooperate well? 


We started this team as a quake team and that will always be our grass roots, we also have branched out into Apex Legends with a former quake champions player in that roster and they are doing amazingly, we are also in the near future looking to grow even more!

Me and Nigel are family he’s like my big brother so we never argue we always get along and I think this is why Myztro is going from strength to strength, but yeah I get the boring duties and Nigel gets all the fun stuff hehe :-P 

well he does the stuff I cant and I do the stuff he cant so again this is why we gel so well and the big this is trust and as I said before he’s my big brother so I just cant wait to see where this team is in 5 years time!


So do I - so far looking real good ;-)

Is Myztro Gaming your main job now, or do you have some other duties outside of esports? Is this basically a dream come true to be part of a gaming organization? 


This is my main job even though my company I was running before still takes up more of my time than I would like, but I know Nigel has my back and covers what ever is needed if I disappear for a bit ^^.

But I’ve been part of esports from 2004 and played pro ever since, so when the opportunity came to run my own esports team I couldn’t wait!


Myztro prepared an unthinkable: LAN Event in London with some pretty hefty Prize Money. How much effort does such an event cost on the organisation side? 


We are really excited about this event and to think players have come from all over the world to compete in a Myztro created event is such a buzz, but this has taken many months in planning and a lot of money to put together,

Nigel has defo been working over time on this event, and we hope to put a great weekend of Quake Champions for the viewers and the players!


You are among Invited players and I expect you to put maximum effort into your game, how those two functions will go together with managing the event.


To be honest, I’m not expecting much from myself these last few weeks have been hard with losing my mother and now my uncle a couple of days ago so my mind has been else where,

but I’m going to really enjoy just playing again at an event and of course I will give it my all, but if I do well yes its going to be interesting trying to do the both things, but I got a good team around me to help me through it so its all good ^^


:-( Iam sorry to hear that. My condolences.

Quake Pro League is on a break that allows you to hold IRONFIST and it also activates the community, not to mention, you have some “free time” after 2 years of grinding. Do you think that Winter Break is the way to go in years after with the Quake Pro League?


The break is always good, but my problem is I just don’t get the time to put in proper practice like all the other players, so I’m always that little bit behind, if I could practice like I did back in 2017 things would be different.

But real life takes over and I just try my best whenever I compete.


Are there any changes you would like to see in QPL for next season? 


I used to love the 3 champ duel :-P would be great to have that back hehe but I cant see that ever happening, would also be nice to have a global league instead of the two leagues being split so you can actually see the true top players.


Thank you and see you in London!


Enjoy and see you soon!


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