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IRONFIST - Effortless Interview
  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
INTERVIEW: dramiS, maxter, bukster, vengeur, Effortless, ZenAku, wolfplnosfa, RAISY, cnz, rapha, GaRpY, HELL, sib

     US Justin "Effortless" Yergeau  
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BIO: I'm a Quake Champions Pro and Streamer.

Casual environment focused on learning games at a high level. Sometimes competitive, sometimes in full-on party mode, I'm focused on teaching just as much as learning. We focus on keeping things positive, and always focusing on self-improvement as a player, streamer, and all around human being. At the end of the day, the stream is about helping people improve themselves and enjoy themselves doing it, but that doesn't mean entertainment for the sake of entertainment is off the table either.


Hi Justin, how are you doing lately? Hope everything is fine!


I’m doing fine! Just getting all things in order for the IRONFIST LAN. Making sure I have all of my travel pieces in place :)


IRONFIST is the first LAN after almost 2 years, are you hyped for that event? And would you like to see more LAN organised by the community?


I think it’s wonderful that Myztro is able to support our community continuously and this time with a LAN. That takes a lot of planning and work, so it’s not something to take for granted, especially with it being the first one in almost 2 years!

I’m absolutely hyped. I do think it’s difficult to create a LAN and make the value of the LAN worth it for top players to make the effort to travel internationally, especially with lots of COVID restrictions still in-place.


Are you going to attend some kind of boot camp prior to the event? Do you think that a 2 years break will somehow impact players' performance?


I will be there a bit early, but mostly to get adjusted. I know we will likely be able to get practice in at the event a day early, so I will be taking advantage of that. As much as it has been a break from LAN for 2 years, people have been playing consistently since then because of QPL.

I think the competition has only gotten better since the last LAN, so I expect LAN to be as hyped as ever!


Does your qualification for IRONFIST mean at least a partial compensation for the harm you got by falling out of the Quake Pro League after that intense match against Whaz?

VOD: Effortless vs Whaz


First off, well played by Whaz.

Whaz is a good friend and therefore it made it that more of an intense match for myself.

This last stage I hadn’t been motiviated to play much duel, and was quite busy at work, so I wasn’t able to put in as much time into duel practice as I wanted. As you saw, my record of win/loss was obviously bad, but you can see it worse in the map win/loss as well.

Qualifying for IRONFIST was kind of lucky as I hadn’t played much duel since but started playing a bit the week before qualifiers. I think I played well for the matches leading up to the grand finals of the qualifier, but had a long wait before I played the grand finals, and dropped the ball playing that match.


Quake Pro League is quite demanding on time and preparation, do you think that break - at least for one season - will be in any way helpful?


I think right now everyone is enjoying the break until it starts up again. There hasn’t been any breaks for 2 years, so many are taking advantage of it.

I think the competition will come back strong with some rest and perform at the top of their game!


Are you trying some other games where you can put your skill in? (HALO for example)


I’m debating trying out HALO. I’ve played a lot of Apex myself, and wouldn’t mind throwing my hat in the ring for that. Anyone looking to grind for ALGS?! ;)

Apex Legends Global Series 2021-2022


Are you expecting any changes in the format of the Quake Pro League for the new season?


Changes? Possibly. I think the format we have now works great, but having some fresh changes to keep things lively is always a good move, assuming the changes are good of course!


Thank you for your time, and good luck at LAN!


Thank you Hawr1x! I appreciate the interview :)


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