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IRONFIST - sib Interview
  UK London, RedBull Sphere
November 26th - 28th 
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BIO: Hello / Привет! My name is SIB! I play Quake at a professional level in the Quake Pro League. I talk straight about what's on my mind and I'm on my journey to be the best! So I hope you can enjoy my stream and that we can have some fun together. Thank you to everyone who supports me!


Hello Paul, thank you for accepting my invitation to The QUAKE PUB! How are you doing?

IRONFIST is the first LAN after two years, how do you feel about going to LAN and play once again on fair ground? 


Hey man, likewise! I appreciate the invitation.

I'm excellent! I hope you are doing well!

Yes, IronFist is the first LAN in nearly two years. It's exciting to have an opportunity to play in person. Finally a fair situation for all competitors.

I'm just happy to be able to see everyone again, there are a lot of great guys in the pro scene. On top of being in a country that I've never been to which is a great experience.

LAN's have been missing from this incredible game that's for sure. But we're back!!! Courtesy of Logitech, Redbull, and Myztro Gaming of course, a big thank you to them!


Are there any special expectations from your side toward Myztro Gaming and how they handle this Event? 


I don't have any special expectations towards Myztro Gaming, considering this is their first event like this that I know wouldn't be fair of me.

Although if we should have some expectations, I'm sure we can expect them all to do their best, to help the players, have things running smoothly, as well as put passion and hard work into this event for an enjoyable experience for all the players and viewers.

Myztro deserves support.


What are you doing outside of playing Quake on #FuckingHighLevel, any other activities or hobbies you are doing regularly - especially when there is a bit more time when QPL is on the break?


As far as what I'm doing right now other than Quake..ever since the last final I decided to put much more time on improving myself outside of the game. As well as doing everything to relax, and reduce stress levels from these past few years.

QPL has been rough for me, to say the least.

For example I'm exercising much more often, spending time with my parents, my cat, working on new stream/video content, and building healthy habits for the future which are long overdue.

Primarily I've been Pro at relaxing and not playing much games these past two months. I truly think all of this, whether it's remotely related to gaming or not, translates into Quake in a positive way for my gameplay in the long term.

Although I'm still catching up to the Pro Veterans in my view.


Break in QPL opened doors for quite a lot of Online events, even with quite a good prize money.

Do you think that this should become some kind of tradition and lead the community to be more active?


I'm not sure if the QPL break had much to do with it. Although I won't assume that I know other people's motives on that. It's just the community, especially the Russian community and the rest of EU, are always supporting Quake so much.

They have more players, more viewers, hence we have tournaments from them. So yes I suppose it is a kind of tradition.

People want this game to succeed and are doing what they can as individuals for it. I've definitely had my time where I did everything I could as a streamer and upcoming new blood player. As long as the community is active, it's good.

I think EU/RU regions will always be alive and kicking. I would love to see Quake be a global phenomenon. I always have this dream of Quake being huge in China, Korea, and Japan. Imagine that, literally half the world's population is there- they NEED to play and watch Quake!

There is no better shooting game, or competitive game.


You are always hanging on the edge of relegation in the Quake Pro League. Did you welcome this break in QPL to work on some specific aspects of your game? What do you consider the weakest point of your game?


Yes I was always hanging on the edge of relegation. I did welcome "a" break, although I'm not sure how I feel about "this" break.

As far as using this break to work on aspects of my game directly, it's actually been the opposite. I decided to focus on aspects of Quake indirectly instead.

The weakest point of my game is simply experience and time. When QPL started and I was originally invited as one of the 20 players...I had no idea what to do on timelimit duel. Even today, I'm still 10~ years of experience behind literally every QPL player on average.

I'm the most fresh blood player Quake has in the competitive scene right now, even for the past few years. So naturally the losses will come. Which is good. I need to lose right now. But still I have made some minor achievements as an upcoming player, like the fact in the many Challenger Qualifiers and Challenger Final tournaments. I never lost to a single player.

I was undefeated and I even beat a few strong players on LAN. For example getting 3rd at the BYOC QuakeCon Duel Tournament 2018 where I took a map from RU base (ZTN / Blood Run) before the grand finals. Eventually beating CA gellehsak for 3rd place in my first LAN event. But there is still more for me to do. I can only get stronger.


Are you playing just Quake Champions, or are there any other games you are trying lately?


If I do play something else I usually do some LoL with a friend lately. Revisiting it for fun.

I also have been getting a little more into Poker, mainly blackjack and Texas holdem.


Do you plan some bootcamp rather than some skrims?


I would of loved to plan some boot camp but I didn't have much time to figure that out.

I'm just going to roll with it, let's see how it goes. I think the experience is way more valuable than actually winning right now.


When are you leaving for London? Any time to kill that jet lag?


I left to London a little over a day ago, it's nice to make it through the long journey. 

The first time I came to Europe I had horrible jetlag for nearly two weeks, I thought I had some flu, haha. Although that was three years ago.

Now whenever I go to Europe I feel fine, very minor symptoms if any. Luckily for me.


Yeah, that is because it was in IT Lucca, Itally and you never know, when they throw some extra pineapple to your pizza! Makes one sick! 8-)

Thank you for your time and good luck in London!


Thanks for your questions and consideration man.

I look forward to seeing you in London! Stay safe!


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